Airdrop Promotion

Our cryptocurrency and blockchain community experts have strategized and implemented numerous airdrop crypto promotions for our clients. Airdropping is a subtle yet targeted way of promoting your offering.

Airdrops are also a great way of finding active consumers because 80% of airdrop participants go on to perform several other activities with an offering that was airdropped. We have the experience and understanding of how to make the best out of them.

How can we help you?

We know what makes an airdrop a ‘smart airdrop’. As a result, we can help you save millions of tokens through an efficient and well-thought-out airdrop campaign. We do this by creating a plan and guide for your airdrop with considered steps to generate free, organic traffic and hype.

Airdrop promotion services at Blockstar Marketing

We employ and create airdrop bots/tip bots as well as airdropping accounts for Telegram and Discord to allow a more personal touch in your airdrop campaigns. Blockstar Marketing can then support during the airdrop campaigns with our community management protocols.

Interested in Airdop Promotion?

Our expert team can support your business at all stages