Community Building

Blockstar Marketing helps build and manage your online presence and social media channels.

Our expert team have more than 15 years of experience in social media marketing and community management across all social media platforms, especially those frequented by the crypto community, such as Discord and Telegram.


Discover how we can turn your users into a busting community via gamification and community spirit building. Our methods are proven to work and we use only meticulous organic planning to achieve your cryptocurrency or blockchain project’s goals.

– Increase interaction
– Motivate the community
– Increase your following

Take your community to the next level

Whether you are looking for concentrated community management of a niche server or a wider brand management campaign on larger social media networks, Blockstar Marketing supercharges your blockchain community.

Our team consists of professionals in the marketing, copywriting, graphic design, campaign management, social media and web maintenance fields. We assist in covering community management across Discord, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, personal blogs and more!

Interested in Community Building?

Our expert team can support your business at all stages.